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Our Philosophy 

From the start in 2013, during quite economic uncertain times, we have focussed on a combination of extraordinary products and exemplary packaging. We really had no idea that in 2015 already,  our products would appear on many tables and in many kitchens across Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France and England.


We are convinced that apart from the fact that we enjoy the development of tasty products very much, a major contributor to our success is the setup of an organization that can be characterized by short lines of communication supported by a special network of reliable partners.


For the manufacturing of our products we work intensively with artisanal, preferably BRC and IFS certified partners across Europe. It is there where there is real passion to create fantastic products. That is not only good for a very tasty meal, but also for our economy (and that includes your and our ROI). 


Convince yourself, our products can withstand any comparison.




We are strongly aware that we only have one planet. Humanity has to find ways to conserve our resources and produce as little waste as possible. We work hard every day to contribute to this effort.


We acknowledge our responsibility to protect natural resources and strive to contribute to the improvement of our environment for future generations.

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