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Meet Madhu, the original honey pearl. A new way of adding the most natural sweetener to your tea. As the interest in our honey pearl has been somewhat overwhelming, we have decided to give Madhu it's own website.

For more information please visit: 



Bee&Cee's latest development is somewhat of a revolution (and so is pronouncing the name in Dutch for non-Dutch speakers). It's called "Groente Tubetje", a proper tongue twister! As the perfect white label product it fortunately also listens to any other name you would like it to be called. For now we will stick to Veggie Tube.

Groente Tubetje




Veggie Tube is an extremely versatile 100% natural vegetable emulsion without any added preservatives, colourings

or flavourings. The tubes are simply stuffed with vegetables, nothing else! They are easy to use, healthy and very very tasty.

The application of Veggie Tube is near limitless. As a base for a soup, as a sauce, an alternative for mayonnaise, an alternative for butter on your sandwich, you name it. The application can be stretched as much as the culinary creativity of the user.

Some technical details.

It might come as a surprise but there are not a lot of technical details, it's vegetables with a base of 15% rapeseed oil (Omega 3) and that is it. A tube contains 140g, is ready for hot and cold use and once opened it keeps in the refrigerator for up to 30 days.

Veggie Tube is available in 7 varieties:

  • Garden

  • Italia

  • Perigord

  • Provence

  • Thai

  • Toscana

  • Vietnam

Interested in adding Groente Tubetje to your portfolio? Talk to us!

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