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Our philosophy and our success in product- and concept development are driven by a rare combination of finding trends, culinary creativity and technical expertise. This applies of course to both content and packaging which we always develop in parallel. As you know, innovation only works when all the pieces of the puzzle really fit.


For concept development we adhere to the principle that the faster a product or product range can be realized, market appeal and market effectiveness can quickly be achieved. 



Our products and expertise are available to potential customers for both White- and Private labelling.

Next to our own developments we are equipped to test, produce, commercialize or even patent your ideas.


How far you want to take this is of course up to you, we welcome the challenge.  



A lot is being said about product positioning. Which market, which channel, online or offline, which customer segment, what pricing? These questions often have a direct link to the quality of a product.


No matter what product/market combination you choose, there seems to be a causal link between quality and pricing. To put it direct, we do not agree.

Good and honest products are as far as we are concerned always affordable, for you and for your customer, no matter what segment they are in. Whether it is a branded- or private/white label, we are sure that we can convince you.


Good, tasty and sustainable products are most certainly within reach of any customer segment. 

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